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How To Use TAKK Anti-Static Tinsel

TAKK Tinsel is effective when used on moving webs and conveyors, eliminating both negative and positive charges from static laden product. TAKK Tinsel works on winding, extruding, sheeting, slitting, coating, carding, slashing, wrapping and folding operations.

The higher the troubling static charges, the more efficiently the Anti-Static Tinsel works.

Benefits of Anti-Static Tinsel

Machine speeds can be increased by reducing sticking and jamming of product caused by static attraction of product to itself and the machine components. Product quality can be increased and rejects decreased by removing the attraction of airborne contaminants to product, improve ink impressions and paint and other coatings, allow product to wind, laminate & fold better. Eliminate personnel shock caused by high electro-static charges.

point of static generation. roller illustration.


Positioning Anti-Static Tinsel for Best Results

Position anti-static tinsel 1/8” to 1/4” from static laden surface. Typically, the tinsel will be attached to the machine frame.

It is used most effectively when it does not touch the product or material to be neutralized. Note: TAKK Tinsel Attachment Kit #5024 can be used for easy installation.

Place the anti-static tinsel just after the points of contact or separation of material from rolls, rollers or guides that generate static electricity. The tinsel should be grounded to machine frame or an electrical ground.

In some cases, especially with when lower static charges are present, the anti-static tinsel may need to actually touch the surface to be neutralized. It can be draped or pulled tight across the material.

Replace the anti-static tinsel when it becomes “dirty” with foreign substances, matted, or oxidized.


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